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  • Arranging time sensitive collection and deliveries of

       aircraft parts world wide

  • Out of gauge cargo

  • Specialised aircraft engine transport

  • UK distribution and return loads

  • Handling and cross docking

Active Transport has a particular focus on servicing Benelux and the Aviation industry worldwide.  We offer the following services:

  • UK – Benelux – UK with our own equipment

  • Load consolidation services

  • Receiving and dispatching of goods

  • Clearing and forwarding of goods

  • Local collections and deliveries to various warehouses for

       load consolidation

  • Dealing with and transporting hazardous goods


Active Transport has been shipping aircraft engines for 17 years. Mark Yates, owner, has been involved for 25 years starting with JT3 engines from Manston to the TAP test cell in Lisbon PT.


We now carry for many airlines, engine shops, airfreight and leasing companies moving small PW100 Turboprop engines right up to the biggest RR Trent engines.

All of our drivers are trained by aero engine technicians on the strapping of the engine stands. One strap in the wrong place can cause major damage to the internals of your engine.


Our drivers fully understand the mechanics of the engine stand and engine cradle. Pictures are taken of the strapping prior to departure every time so you can be safe in the knowledge that your engine is being transported as per the manufacturers guidelines from collection to delivery.


Our customer base has grown through word of mouth. Our clients appreciate the attention to detail we give when moving their valuable assets across the globe using a mixture of our own transport in and around Europe and our tried and trusted network of aircraft engine transport specialists.


If it is AOG, critical or just routine we have a solution for you.

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